Hard mornings

I woke up this morning thinking I was ok. I’m going to have a nice but busy day. I sat down started my morning routine and immediately a panic attack started.

I literally feel like I’m having a heart attack. Breathing hurts and it’s a struggle to get out of this. No clue what brought it on. Honestly the fact that I have work is more then likely the reason. I’m struggling with being in this class and it’s not the kids that are causing the struggle.

Back to my attack. I’m having it as I’m writing. So, why am I writing well, to try and make it calm down.

Now, I started this post yesterday, well, I couldn’t finish it. It was hitting me hard writing about my anxiety issues. So, here I am trying again. Because awareness is important.

My anxiety didn’t let up much yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night in a straight on panic attack. It took me a bit to work through it, but I worked through it I did, eventually.

I try everything to help. Deep breathing, counting down, meditation, workouts, and honestly, sometimes it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Most of the time, I try to just ride it out, and if I need to cry, I do.

Anxiety and panic, it’s scary. It’s normal, though. So many people suffer from this and so many just don’t talk about it. Ok, I’m rambling. I think I’m done writing this one because I’m not sure where it’s going. My this are a jumble.

Xoxo sharon

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