In the blink of an eye, it’s a new year. So many people are creating resolutions, me, I don’t do that. Why? Because they are so hard to stick to. Instead, I pick a word and use it as my mantra.

This year my word is DETERMINED.

I am determined to heal.

I am determined to figure out a way to live without as much pain.

I am determined to write more.

I am determined to spend more quality time with my husband.

I am determined to create more core memories with my boys.


I just want to feel better. To not feel so alone and to come out of this dark hole.

Yeah, I know, I smile a lot, and that’s confusing. How can someone who smiles so much be in such a dark place? It’s my mask! I hide behind the smile. I don’t know how to explain the hurt, the darkness, the true way I feel.

All I know is that I’m going to keep working on healing me. Doing all the things. I’m trying to climb out of this hole, and hopefully, one day, I’ll find my way out.

Here’s to 2023. The year I’m determined..

Xoxo Sharon

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