I’ve been thinking alot about friendships and how they change through the years. How some people disappear and some stick around no matter what. Friendships, I think are almost as hard as marriage but when you find your people you just need to stay loyal and true to them.

I’ve always had weird friendships. I’m a giver and very loyal. I always stick to people like glue which probably annoys them. But I’m also cautious and scared to be myself because many can’t handle me. I can’t handle me half the time!

Anyways, do you find it weird that friendships change the way they do? The people you thought were your ride and die friends basically disappear into thin air. That’s happened to me so many times and it breaks my heart even thinking about it. I immediately go into this tail spin of what did I do. Why did they vanish? Why am I not good enough to be there friend?

But see the thing is its not me. People change and they just might not need you anymore. They get busy and can’t return that text, call, email. Ok maybe I still don’t understand because as I’m writing this I can’t even come up with reasons and I’m starting to get upset. I had friends that I thought were family just vanish. It still hurts and it has also made me super cautious with new people.

There was a long time I was afraid to even have conversations with new people or go anywhere that involved new people. Then came this crazy thing called Beachbody into my life and I met my people. I’m so not going to sit here and name them but they know who they are.

They know they are the reason that I have survived this really hard time in my life. They are my sisters, my best friends, my family. It doesn’t matter how far away we live from each other because we know we will always be there for each other. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them.

I can’t even write how I truly feel about them without crying. I might get quiet and vanish for a bit but they always pull me back. They always let me know I am loved, I deserve better and I am safe. They always have the best advice and push me to go outside of my comfort zone and make me see my full potential.

I also credit them for helping me to trust in friendships again and to learn to let people in my life, which brings me to this crazy lovable group…

About 6 years ago my husband and I met a couple at a kids birthday party. The kids, the husband’s became fast friends. I have to admit I was cautious because I was hurting from the lost of another friendship, one that I had cherished. So, I wasn’t as open to the wife but deep down, I adored her and her kind, giving heart.

Fast forward to now and now I can’t imagine doing life without her and her family. I also got brought into her amazing yet a little nutty circle of friends. These girls accepted me with open arms. They don’t judge me, tell me the truth and help me come out of my shell.

They are all so different yet so alike. It’s crazy too because there is at least a 10 year age gap between me and them. I never thought they would get me because of that but the truth is besides the few closest to me, they get me more then anyone. They are also probably the only people I willingly leave my house for now a days besides C.

Our kids, well, they all adore each other and have the best time together. It’s amazing and I never knew friendships could be like this.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a group of females, we argue. But they never last long and I don’t even know how to describe it but it just works. We are all so different yet alike. We all have our struggles but accept each other with open hearts.

It’s refreshing to do life with them. They literally make me laugh everyday because of how ridiculous they are. But I am so grateful to them not only do I feel safe with them but my boys do too. It’s nice to have people and I really hope that these friendships last forever. It would be fun to grow old with these nutty ladies and watch our babies have babies.

So, to my friends, the ones in my life daily, the ones who check in, and pull me out of my darkness. The ones who accept me for who I am, my weird introverted self. Thank you. I am grateful and blessed to have you in my life!

Xoxo sharon

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