Ms. Forgetful

So, last night I feel asleep and completely forgot to log into a class I needed to take. I can take it on another day but that’s not why I’m so mad. I’m mad because this is just another thing that I forgot about. This brain fog of mine has been gradually getting worse and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

This has been happening for a long time even before my official diagnosis. I never thought much of it except to say I have a bad memory. I’ve always been in the habit of writing everything down and having a ton of reminders. But those aren’t even working anymore.

Now I can’t remember names, dates, places. We were at a birthday party recently and I kept calling people by the wrong names. I was getting frustrated and almost left. It’s embarrassing to forget your friends names.

My husband has always complained that I forget everything he tells me. I mean the man tells me alot, what am I supposed to do write it all down. Lately, I have been writing down his work schedule and important information. If I don’t we end up getting into an argument because he gets annoyed with me. I’m trying to avoid that so my calendar looks like a who’s who.

It’s kind of ridiculous that I have to do this at 43 years old. But what else am I supposed to do. I have 3 kids with crazy schedules. Add in the husband, mother in law and my own schedule, my brain is overworked and tired. Plus on the high pain days I can barely focus on myself let alone anyone else. Brain Fog is just not cool and I’m so over it!

I keep researching ways to help but can’t really find anything. Which annoys me too no end. Like we are in this amazing age with so much technology and stuff, they can’t figure out how to help brain fog. Why it annoys me, I don’t know since they can’t figure out how to help lupus patients either!

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

If I forget something important just gently remind me. I don’t mean too. I truly try my hardest to be on top of all the things I need to know.

And this is my brain!

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