To work or not to work…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been working. Wether it’s babysitting all my younger brothers friends or working at the neighborhood party store. I couldn’t imagine not working. I have always liked helping people and bringing home a paycheck.

When I graduated college, I was working in a childcare center. I loved it and they offered me a full time Pre K teacher job. In my mind I figured this is my best bet because I wanted to have tiny humans of my own as soon as possible.

Being able to work and bring my tiny humans with me was a blessing for so many years. Fast forward to when finally all 3 of them were out of daycare and in public school. The job I loved so much was becoming extremely stressful due to my huge amount of mom guilt.

I was out of the house before they were awake so I never saw them off to school. Then we would have events, coverage issues or other things out of my control. I would be staying late, or working a later shift. That meant I was missing things, like sports, hw time and just down time with my boys. I missed alot of events at the school, like parades and parties.

But worse of all was the big debate do I use my vacation time and take days off when they are off. Or do they hang with grandma and I save the time for a trip, which we never take anyways. This job I loved was getting in the way of being the mom I want to be. The mom guilt was also adding to my health issues in a not good way.

So to make a long story short over the summer an opportunity presented itself to me. One that would solve my problems. A job in the school district my boys go to. Which means, the same days off, better hours, and best of all seeing the tiny one at least once during my work day.

I was torn with doing this but this opportunity was too good to let go. I miss my old co workers and all the families at my old school. That school has something special that you really don’t get in any work environment. But I’ll be going back in the summer, a few days a week.

For once my mom guilt is way less. I made the best decision for me and my family. I get the best of both worlds. Teaching and helping little minds grow and being home when my boys are home.

To be a mom and work outside the home is a hard decision to make especially when you are very old school in your thinking like me. To be a mom and work out of your home is also a tough life. Mom life is just tough in general! You will always question if you are making the right choice for you and your family. My advice: go with your gut, pick the choice that doesn’t make you want to hide, if you are happy, then the Tiny humans you are raising will be happy too!

With love- Sharon

Me and P at his high honor roll event last school year!

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