Yesterday afternoon the tiny one and I made a grocery store run. When we got to the store his first words to me were, ” Mom, I’m tall enough to see over the cart. Let me help and push it.” My mom heart broke into a million pieces at that moment.

Yes, I know it’s ridiculous because I already have 2 teenagers in the house and the tiny one has been independent with many things for awhile now. He showers himself, puts away his laundry, and does all his chores. But for some reason this act just ripped me apart and I wanted to cry right there in the store. Silly right?

It’s such a double edged sword. You want your children to grow up, be independent, be brave. Basically be all the things! But when they do, your heart breaks just a tiny bit especially when it’s your last baby.

It’s so hard to let go but you know you have too. You want to raise well rounded human beings. My goal especially is to teach my boys to cook, clean and do all the house things so when they are grown they are good partners to whoever. Sounds crazy to think about when they are grown but I think about it alot. The tiny one even talks about it all the time which kills me.

Some days I look at them and I just want to freeze time. I want to stop the growing up process. My oldest is in 10th grade and the college talk is starting. I know I can’t freeze time. I know I am raising 3 amazing kids.

But this independence thing they are doing, well most days I which they would slow their roll. I’m going to keep working hard to raise amazing boys that turn into amazing young men. But I’m also going to hold onto all the hugs, all the laughter and most of all everytime they ask me for help! Well, I’m going to give it within reason!

All you mama’s out there with tiny ones, cherish every second. These kids of ours grow up way too fast and you will miss the crazy moments when they were tiny!

With ❤️- Sharon

One response to “Independence”

  1. So proud of you and the boys,they are special and you are special to us.You are raising them to be respectful,kind,helpful,and just being boys that you sould be proud of.Love Mom And Dad


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