Sports mom life

Sports mom life is a different world and a hard one for an introvert like me. It takes me a long time to get comfortable with a group of people and I always feel super awkward because I’m always the mom who is there without her partner.

Let me explain, We have 3 very active sports loving boys. They live for it and i personally think its great for them. They stay active and the sports culture in our specific school is amazing. My husband however doesn’t get it. He didn’t really play sports, his brothers didn’t play sports. He just doesn’t get it and that means he never shows up for games and isn’t much help.

This puts me in a spot because we have 3 boys who play sports. Some days the games are all at the same time. I can’t cut myself into 3 to make it work and rely on the help of my parents. But I still feel bad if I can’t be at every game. Does that make sense?

I know I’m hard on myself and i shouldn’t be but thats just the way I am. I just feel it is super important to have your family supporting you and cheering you on. It matters to my boys that I am there and I support them. I mean I’m taking the support one step further and coaching the tiny one in basketball this winter.

Well I honestly don’t know what to do to fix this but I will always be on the sidelines cheering my 3 boys on. They will know mom was there and is proud of them, no matter what! Even if that means I have to people and sit in the hot sun under my umberalla for hours!

My 3 guys doing what they love!

4 responses to “Sports mom life”

  1. so proud of you,with the things you do with the boys and for them,love Mom and Dad


  2. Reading this gave me mixed feelings. I know your husband works long hours, and when he isn’t at work he does things at home such as changing the oil in your cars and fixing things around the house (What I would give to have a handyman in my life!) You also have a mother in law and a mom and dad who help you out tremendously with getting the boys where they need to be, and they are blessings. All of that aside, whether your husband likes sports or not, his sons do. He should show an interest, even if he doesn’t understand, and be there to support them and cheer them on when he can. Maybe he can leave work early, or take a day or two off, so his boys see him in the stands at least once a season. That is the stuff the kids will remember years from now and be thankful for. I’ve read enough posts from adult children who lost a parent to death to know what those children appreciate the most – “My dad was always on the sidelines cheering me on,” and “My mom signed up to coach every sport I played.” Maybe your boys can tell their dad themselves how much it would mean to them to see him at their games every once in a while? And PS you are not alone in feeling somewhat left out because you are always the “single parent” at your kids’ events. I live that feeling every day and lived it even when wasn’t a single parent lol. I look around and I know I’m not the only one, but it’s still a lonely feeling. I get it 100 percent.


    1. It’s such a double edged sword because he works his butt off to take care of the family. The boys just wish that he would even text them good luck and ask how the game went. He needs to show a little more interest in the stuff they love bc that helps build relationships. My parents and my mother in law 100% help but it’s not the same as having your dad there. And it’s hard. Honestly I thank God for my dad and his love of all sports bc he steps in and is their biggest fan.

      And you are right it’s very lonely
      Yes I have Help but I’m alone in this parent life. I’m the one who is responsible for doing all the things and he works and does his thing. It’s hard and I’m becoming slightly bitter


  3. So true for all…I connect with the feelings of awkwardness at these games (true story), but we sit on the sidelines and cheer them on, and we show up 💕 I think at the younger ages watching these games are often “social”, it can be hard for moms and dads who don’t like the crowds. We show our children love in a million different ways and them knowing we care is what’s important.


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