Chasing your dreams

Recently, I’ve been reading a personal development book about mom life. Basically it’s telling me not to let mom life drown me and I can still do the things I have always wanted to do.

So here I go. I started a blog because one of my dreams is to write. I’ve always loved to express myself through writing but always scared to start.

Our daily life is so full of shenanigans, laughter and tears, I figured why not share it with the world. Even if only 1 person and I mean Maureen reads my blog. Well that’s ok because I just want to write and express myself.

A little about me to start. I’m a mom of 3 boys, a wife, a teacher and I’m battling a chronic illness called Lupus Sle. Oh and I’m hearing impaired, have been all my life and that comes with its own challenges.

Anyways, that is me in a nutshell and this blog is going to be my way to claim one of my dreams! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I’ll enjoy writing it.

much love- sharon

My 3 silly boys!

4 responses to “Chasing your dreams”

  1. Awesome!! Follow those dreams of yours. Being a mom is hard enough but to do it with Lupus is even harder. Your a great mom and friend.
    Best of luck


    1. Thank you so much for the postive words. I hope you enjoy my blog! Miss you all


  2. So proud of you,luv Mom and Dad


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